Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had a pretty quiet day today. A nice lunch with Julie at Noodles.

A little afternoon nap. Lots of puttering around the house. Got Reichel Foods to again sponsor the Fetzer. They're donating apples/caramel dip and pita chips/hummus, just as they did for Lace-Up. THANK YOU Nikki from Reichel. :-) I still need LOTS and LOTS of volunteers. If you can help out on April 9, please email me. I still need LOTS and LOTS of runners. If you want to run, registration info is on the RTC website. I also updated the Fetzer website today. First time using the "cmsdesk". Pretty intuitive. All good.

Morning workout: Just couldn't get up for the 5 AM Progressive Run so I went over there by myself later. It was just an OK run. My legs were, and are, tired. Hence a swim will be in order tomorrow. The wind was cold and the refreeze treacherous in spots. I almost went down 3 times. Saw Joann Johnson walking. Anyway, mile 1: 3 seconds fast. Mile 2: 9 seconds fast. Mile 3: 2 seconds fast. Mile 4: 1 second slow. Mile 5: 1 second slow. Mile 6: I gave up. Didn't have it in my legs. I did 2 loops around the lake, so got in about 10 miles. Hammies are tight. Speed isn't there. Truth be told, I think I'm in better biking shape than running shape. I don't think it's going to be a PR-type year for me this year. But that's OK.

Good news: Matt and friend arrived safely in SC after driving all night. Prayers answered. I don't really miss not eating chocolate. Good tunes. My laptop wouldn't even get to Windows yesterday the first 3 times I tried. It would just freeze and beep. FINALLY, it came up. And ... my mouse now works AND I can download photos successfully. And the VERY annoying little "USB malfunction" pop-up box has disappeared. Apparently the USB issues have been solved. Good news.

Something I discovered on Tuesday at the track ... my new 100-lap watch does indeed allow for 100 laps. :-) BUT ... it only has a 10-lap memory. :-(

Supper ... you guessed it. A salad. I never tire of these. I didn't have room in my tummy for the other half of my Noodles lunch. Maybe tomorrow.

Temps are forecast to be 45 tomorrow. Sweet.

Good night.

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