Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Black Cloud Still Hovers

When I came home yesterday afternoon, I thought I could hear water running. But there didn't seem to be a faucet (inexplicably) running anywhere. I can't imagine leaving the house, let alone a room, with a faucet on. I went downstairs thinking maybe it was the softener or water heater. That's when I say a 6' circle of water on the basement floor on the north side of the house. It was under the refrigerator but that was not the source of the water. I could hear a faucet. I went outside and the outside faucet was running. WHAT?? HOW?? It's in a corner, about 10' from a hard surface and it was covered with undisturbed snow, and then standing water. Being there were no footprints to the faucet, the only possible explanation I could come up with was the snow that had been over the faucet melted during the day and fell on the faucet turning it on. I don't know how long it had been running, but long enough to seep into the house. Which I guess wouldn't have to be THAT long being the ground is still frozen. Arghhh. Here I had 8 people coming for dinner (Eric and his new co-workers) in an hour and now had this to deal with. Argghh. But I got out a big mop, sopped it up and started a fan blowing on the floor to try it off. In about 3 hours, the floor was dry. The wallboard appeared dry, but I'm sure the insulation behind it will need to be replace. So now I have yet another hassle to deal with. Sometimes, I'd just like life to be just a little bit simpler for me ... but it could be worse. LOTS worse. I wish this little black cloud would go away...

So. Eric is staying in Roch for a few days while getting some burn training for the MN Conservation Corps. He asked if I would make dinner for them. Of course!! He said they'd have big appetites and be hungry, so I got 2 pounds of pasta and cooked up the pasta with peppers, olive oil, lots of garlic that on my recipe blog and a salad, bread and fruit. And of course ... cookies. They seemed a very nice group of young people and enjoyed the dinner. I was so happy to be able to cook for them and chat a little bit.

10.01 mile run Tues, 8 miles today. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. Gotta run.

Later ...

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