Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're going to get hit AGAIN ...

Photos of our noon run today at the Y. I decided to add the fun hearts since it's so close to Valentine's Day. The guys (Jim Postier, Jim Martinson, Gary Malat, K.C. Reed) got cookies. As did the staff at the Y. :-)

A snow advisory has been posted for our area. Again. Three to five inches of snow are expected. This is REALLY getting old, and it's getting hard to throw the snow so high next to the driveway. To those going to Jacksonville this weekend ... enjoy! I'm going down to Sarasota, FL two weeks from today. I'm looking forward to a week of R & R. ;-)

Well, most of you should have received your mousepads in the mail today. I had fun putting it together. Hope you enjoy it and get some use out of it. Thanks to everyone who allowed their photos to be used ... Yvonne Hubmayr / Dan Edwards, John Shonyo, Judy Weller / K.C. Reed / Caroling on the Run at Running Room.

The Tyson Invite (Indoor T&F) is on ESPN on Sunday, February 17 and marks the return to racing for MN native Carrie Tollefson.

I can't remember if I've posted it before, but some of the old newsletters are in the members area on the RTC website. I'll work on getting the rest to Dave so he can create PDFs of them. The rest of them are on my old hard drive which is on one of the old computers in the basement. So I might retrieve them from Minuteman Press instead. Stay tuned.

Peg Arnold opens the new tropical (southernmost) Running Room store March 12 in Des Moines, IA. She's a busy bee these days. So if you're in the area or know runners who area, send them to the new store!

Here's a link to an article about fatigue in exercise passed along by K.C. Reed via Jim Martinson: New York Times article. And actually this was passed along by Hugues Sicotte via John Shonyo as well! Thank you everyone. I like to get material from others for my posts.

I spent most of the day yesterday designing the Fetzer 20K and 2-Mile applications for 2008. I really enjoy desktop publishing. A huge thank you to Dave at Minuteman Press for donating the printing for them. He actually approached ME for the sponsorship. I'm (and the RTC is) very grateful. I think they'll look greatin full glossy color.

Let's meet RTC member Leah Polzine-Campbell:

Family? My husband, Lance and my daughter, Norah
Hobbies? reading, photography, spending time with friends and family, running, watching and participating in sports
Languages you speak? Pretty much only English
How did you get started in running? My dad is a life-long runner and as soon as I was old enough I would go running with him. I would bike along beside him until we got to a certain spot, and then drop my bike and run to the end of the road with him. He would normally be running about one step in front of me, with his hand out-stretched to get me to keep going. I ran my first race at age 4. My dad and I have logged "millions" of miles together!
Miles per week on average? Lately it has been about 15 miles or less. After I had my daughter in August I have had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things. We also moved to another town and I have to find some new routes and possibly a running partner.
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Growing up it was a route along the country roads near my home; in college it was Birchmont Drive, and in the last couple years the Root River Bike Trail near Lanesboro, MN.
How often do you run it? Pretty much every time I went for a run.
Favorite carbo loading food? Spaghetti and ice cream
Favorite indulgence food? I just like food.... Steak, french fries, and ice cream are always favorites.
Next race? I have not signed up for one yet, but probably the Fool's Five in Lewiston. I would like to participate in several of the spring runs coming up in April and May.
Running goals? To get back to running almost every day. To feel confident that I can push myself in races again. To have fun while doing something that has been such a huge part of my life. To get my daughter going as soon as she is able so we can have the relationship that my dad and I had!
Running dream? I would like to participate in some half marathons and marathons in other countries.

Thought for the day: Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses.

Make it a good one.

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