Monday, February 4, 2008

A Day of Celebrations

First off: The RTC website is down and was down all weekend. I got several queries about it. No, it's not moving anywhere. Apparently the server is down. Hopefully it wil be up Tuesday, but there are no guarantees.

The banquet was a big success. Thank you to our speakers Pete Gilman and Francis Whalen, M.D. Pete enlightened us about what it was like to participate in the marathon Olympic Trials. For just about all of us, we're going to have to live vicariously through his experience as we're just never going to get there. I don't think that Pete likes attention drawn to himself, so I am so thankful that he was willing to share with us. Judging from the number of questions asked of him, it was of great interest to the rest of you as well. Francis spoke about his experience participating in the Bataan Death March marathon in White Sands, NM. What did/does that entail? Propelling oneself on foot 26.2 miles through the desert with 35 or 50# on your back wearing boots to keep your ankles from giving out. Winning time? I believe he said it was about 4:30. What an effort. Francis will be participating in the event this year and hopes to be able to complete it in 6:30.

Here are some photos. I'm going to intersperse text between them as having three albums flashing pictures all in a row is rather distracting.

Contratulations to Pete Martin who was named RTC Runner of the Year for 2007! Pete achieved his long-standing goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which he will run in April. He is also a fixture at the training runs spring and fall during the training classes, encouraging all runners, those speedy and those less speedy. He is the ultimate 'you can do this' cheerleader when it comes to helping others achieve their running goals. Congratulations Peter! Judging from the standing 'O', this award was very well received. :-D

Lin Gentling, though not able to be there, was/will be presented with a certificate from RRCA for 2000+ hours of volunteer service to the running community. Thank you, Lin, for all you have done for the Rochester running community. You have led many, many people to complete their first marathons, myself included!

Service award winners announced on Saturday were:
Dwight Pierson Award--Jean Murray (RTC board member, treasurer, co-director of Spring Classic, director of Gravy Train, and long-time volunteer at many running-related activities)
Outstanding Service Award--Darald Bothun and Steve Myhro (Co-directors of Conoco Kids/Med-City Kids Marathon for the last 10 years)
Outstanding Service Award--Julie Murray (Volunteers at many, many events, designs/draws awards for Gravy Train and Fetzer 20K, the ultimate runners' cheerleader!)

Myself, I got a bit emotional. It's been a great 3 years leading this club. I just can't say enough about our board members, present and past. Wonderful people, wonderful friends. They presented me with a very nice tribute which made me teary-eyed, cookies (HA!), and a gift certificate for Healing Touch massage. Very nice, indeed. I have always had a terrible fear of public speaking but have overcome that fear somewhat during these three years. Hosting the banquet in front of people that I'm comfortable with for 3 years has made public speaking so much easier for me. Speaking at the national RRCA convention was still quite a bit nerve-wracking, but thank you for helping me grow as a person. :-D

The reason I was a bit emotional? The celebration of a life, a life cut too short. I'd gone to a funeral for a 20-year old girl who died of colon cancer at noon that day. Talk about sad. Her parents still were understandably numb, even though they knew this day was coming since her diagnosis in July 2006. It was the largest funeral I've even been to. I go around thinking 'woe is me' for having trouble with my right leg/hip, hoping it's not another herniated disc, hoping I'll be able to continue running. Or 'woe is me' for this or that other little thing. Woe is NOT me. Woe is for the families dealing with death and disease. I am truly blessed.

Well, I think I'll close off this post and start another post with other miscellaneous information. What a beautiful snowfall, especially now that the streets have been plowed. ;-)

Ramblin' Renee

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