Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm beat. For various reasons. First: lifted this AM, then swam for an hour, then ran 8 miles with Mike, Andy and Joe. Temps were very pleasant and for the most part, footing was OK except for out near the prison/Quarry Hill. I don't do well running in the soft snow.

At noon, I went back to the Y to deliver some bonus cookies to the guys.

Don, Jim, Dan, K.C. (now a Y member .... yeah!)
I'd contemplated running with them, but I was tired after the morning run and was planning another run this evening, so nixed that idea.

This is the 6-pack I bought for the morning's annual beer exchange. I really know nothing about beer so I had to ask one of the guys working there for a suggestion. This is the one he picked out (the most expensive one in the store!). Mike Schmitt confirmed this evening that it's a good one ... and his favorite.

I spent much of the afternoon going through stuff in the office and throwing most of it. I came across some old pictures. Here's one:

I don't remember what year this was, but I got $20 for winning the Byron Good Neighbor 5K. At that point, I guess I became a professional runner. :-) I had that 20-spot in my wallet in the envelope I received it in for many, many years. Can't remember what I finally spent it on. Probably groceries. :-) I also found some really old ones of me and my grandpa and one of my maternal grandparents. I think it's the only one I have. I'll post those another day.

When I'd finally had enough of this office, I went down to Dooley's to meet Team R.E.D. for the carol on the run.

Tom O' giving the route talk

Aaron, Wendy, Elaine

Mike, Ann, Erin

Congrats to Millie for finishing law school on Thursday!!
We had fun getting in a 5 mile run and singing at various downtown establishments.

We weren't exactly on pitch and were singing in various keys, but that's OK. We had fun. Then it was back to Dooley's.

Then it was home for yet another salad. They're starting to all look the same.

I wonder how many salad pictures are now in my My Pictures folder?? Maybe that's a contest for next year.

Good night all.

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