Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally ... A Good Day

The last 3 days have really not been good days. (Eric didn't make it home for Christmas. Nothing under the tree for me. Can't find a 2 slice toaster that I want after going to numerous stores ... they are obviously a popular Christmas gift. The 2 songs I bought on iTunes Saturday night--Snow Patrol and Gordon Lightfoot--won't load on my iPod.) Today ... good. Finally. I really needed a good day. 2 hours on the Stairmaster before work. Then I got a call from Alex at Y105 radio station. I won a pizza lunch for the office tomorrow! Enter online. Two large pizzas and only three of us in the office tomorrow! But Tom O' is going to crash our little party ... sweet!! Bloggable for sure. I made cookies for dessert, of course. :-) Then at noon today, an hour on the snowshoes.

Tom Claymon, Jim Benike, Lorraine Benike, Dan Edward, K.C.
It was just a beautiful winter day. We strapped on a wide variety of snowshoes and headed for the golf course. We discovered that it's a lot easier shoeing on an existing track than it is tromping through the virgin powder!
Lorraine, Dan, K.C.

Jim Benike

Gaiters would be a very nice accessory!


Quite the assortment of gear
 Late afternoon, I decided to go for a run. I was thinking 3 miles, but it was so nice and I felt great so it ended up being 5.04 miles. No spikes on. My feet felt so light. My Icebugs (heavy, water resistant shoes with built-in carbide spikes) weigh 16.7 ounces each!

It was a very, very pleasant run. Then Jean had invited me to a movie (the latest Narnia flick, but I don't know the story and haven't seen the previous films, so I declined) followed by pizza. I accepted the pizza invitation. We went to Broadway Pizza.

Three of Jean's sisters, a niece, a nephew, her parents and husband were there as well.

George and me
It was crowded when we got there, and the service was v-e-r-y slow. It took close to an hour to get the 'zas. I was ready to eat my fist AGAIN. I was absolutely starving. It was almost 7:00 and I'd burned a lot of calories today and lunch was a long time ago. The pizza was good, though.

BBQ chicken --- I ate TWO pieces!

Meat Lovers -- I ate NONE
As I sit here blogging, I was craving an apple and Diet Coke. ?? So I ate that too. Delish Honeycrisp apple. Very crunchy. And a dark chocolate Hershey's kiss. I think I'm done eating for the day now. :-)

My Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (bike trainer) arrived today. Hurrah!! Now I can pedal too. I need to get a trainer tire though.

Someone created some little JibJab videos and posted links on the River Runners website I'm in numbers 3 and 5. Cute. Speaking of River Runners ... these are the Roch area folks I know of that are running Lake Wobegon on May 14): Millie, Andy, Trevor, liz, Mike, Meredith, Joe, Jen, Corinne, Dan, me. Fun, fun, fun!

Well, I'm going to floss and brush and then call it a day. Good night ...

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