Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do You See What I See??

I am not in a "Christmasing" mood this year, but I am forcing myself to get some things done and try to make myself do things for the sake of the happiness of others. This is one of them. Do you see what I see? I'll post photos as the project takes shape. These were taken over a series of days.

As of tonight, the pieces look like this
I had a half hour before the Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer meeting so I put this wine bag together. Such a simple but nice project (I think so anyway).

It just requires two fat quarters of fabric and either a piece of ribbon or a 2 1/2" x 36" piece of coordinating fabric.

I got cookies and banana bread delivered to this neighbors this afternoon. My neighbors across the street have the most creative Christmas cards ever. One year it was National Geographic-themed. Another, I think it was Facebook. Do you see what I see? This year, 3-D, complete with glasses.

Do you see what I see?

That thing hanging from my mask is a frost-covered thread!! Nothing else!!

Frost, and plenty of it. I went out for 10 chilly miles this morning (I think it was 4 degrees) but I had lots of layers on so it was comfortable. I met Tom Woo, Jim Li and Jean Murray at Panera and we headed toward the lake. Jim and I went around and Jean and Tom headed back after 3 miles. I put in a few early ones so I'd get 10. We stayed for coffee and chatter after the run.

I had really bad face mask and hat hair this AM

So that's 38 miles for the last 3 days. Good enough. My legs were pretty tired the last couple today so tomorrow I will do something else ... probably swim. Unless it's weathering outside, in which case I'll hit the Stairmaster.

Enough for today. I'm tired and had best get to bed. Good night.

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