Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pass It On

Seems like most of my posting material has been passed along by someone else. Or spotted on Facebook. :-) Here goes ...

Check out the brand spankin' new Med-City Marathon website. Wow!! And the course has been changed quite a bit. It still starts in Byron, but utilizes the new Cascade bike path a lot more of NE Rochester and finishes at the Civic Center. There will also be an expo this year. Exciting changes!!

Did you catch Shelly Greenfield's article about Team R.E.D. in the Post-Bulletin? Way cool! I can't find a link online but it was in last night's paper. Good job promoting, Tom O'!!

Here's an article about a runner in Duluth running 20 miles for charity ... in a pink tutu!!

Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer need volunteers! If you can help out on February 13, please email Sarah. And of course we need runners too!! Registration info on the website.

Here's an article about the problems with registration for the Boston Marathon. What a difficult situation.

Lastly, this 21st century nativity passed along by Lisa.

10 mile afternoon run. And lots more shoveling after the snowplow came by. After shoveling out the mailbox, got mail today. :-) None yesterday.

No pix to share today. Good night!

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