Thursday, February 5, 2009


Seems like I'm beginning all my posts lately with comments about the weather. Well, today is no different. It was wonderful to run with one less layer on today at noon. I ran with the guys at the Y. Very pleasant. Up and around the lake. Pictured below: Jim Martinson, Gary Malat, yours truly, Jim Benike, KC Reed. Jim had bright hats for everyone today.

Well, I've officially committed to participating in the Rochesterfest Sprint Triathlon on June 28. Shaun Palmer has graciously volunteered to help me with my swim. Judy Weller and I will be in the pool at the Y at 6 AM on Tuesday, February 17 to officially get this party started! Shaun doesn't know what he's in for ... Judy is going to be my moral support in this endeavor. She's training for Ironman Kentucky, her first Ironman. The Y is going to have an Indoor Tri (sprint distance) in preparation for the Rochesterfest Tri. Stay tuned for more info. Here's my new tri threads:

Jason Harvey from Schott Distributors stopped by yesterday with some samples of Activwater which is being donated to the Fetzer . I sampled the Pomegranate Berry today. Very good. He's also going to try to get some Lifewater. Activwater is available locally at Pump 'n Munch and HyVee.

On to the foodie stuff. I've gotten Flash Player correctly installed (again!) on my computer, so I'm good to go for lots of stuff. I didn't realize how many applications use that software. So here are all of the photos from the January 29 tasting at Culinary Market (actually held at 300 First):

Very fun shop!! Specializes in cheeses and specialty food items. Tribecca breads ... YUM! If you've not been there, stop in! It's on the corner of Civic Center Drive and 1st Ave NW, right next to 300 First . LeeAnn has graciously agreed to donate a basket of gourmet food items to the Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer silent auction on February 15. I, for one, will be bidding on that basket FOR SURE. So many interesting things in that little shop. Check her website for recipes, info on tastings and gift baskets, and lots more.

Trifecta news: Check out Lionel Cheng's latest post. He's got a great little interview he created at Xtranormal . From Larry Pederson: Here are the trifecta prizes:

A night at the Radisson with a bottle of wine
A night at the Broadway Residence and Suites with a bottle of wine
A night at the Soldiers Field Best Western with a bottle of wine
An airplane ride donated by Dean Ferber
An airplane ride donated by Pete Martin

Are you a fellow foodie? Check out this King Arthur Flour blog. Photos galore. And their recipes are really good. Very nice products which I highly recommend.

This evening I made some cookies for Saturday. Here ya go ...

There are about 25 or so coming thus far for brunch at my house after the Saturday morning run. You can still RSVP. Running is optional! 2026 Kal Lane SW Run is at 7:30, but come any time that morning for food and fun. Some will be coming after the Frozen Goose.

Quote for the day: "Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." --Buddha

Time to catch Duff Goldman on Ace of Cakes (Food Network)!! Toodles.

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