Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wascally Wabbit Half Mawathon

I decided this week to register for today's Wascally Wabbit Half Marathon in Fresno. Some friends from Visalia were also running and

Dave, Michele, me, Mike, Dan

it sounded like a fun event. So bright (well, it was still dark at 5:00 AM) it was off to Fresno. Got there in plenty of time to pick up my shirt and number/chip.

The shirts are fun and long-sleeved technical and fits perfectly. The event took place in Woodward Park. Part of the first mile was on paved trail and then we were onto dirt trail just past mile one. The dirt continued until about mile 5 when we got back on asphalt. Lots of turns on the course, and lots of hills. Not long, but numerous. A long out and back from mile 5 to mile 10. During this stretch, I encountered the leader running toward me. He was really cruising, especially on this course. (Winning time was 1:11). We ran through the start and retraced some of our early steps until getting on the 2-mile race course to bring us in to the finish. I didn't cramp until the last mile, luckily. I could feel them coming on so held to a conservative pace. My finish time was 1:48:06 (8:14.76 pace). Not what I'd really like to be running, but on this course I was OK with it. It was good enough for an age-group win which was fun.

It was a fun morning. Here's the morning in photos ...

WHAT. A. FACE. Mile 11.

Mike and Dan
Everyone that I knew placed ... Dave, me, Dan, and not pictured Mike, Al, Matthew. A good day for the Visalia Runners!

After wiping off what I could of the sweat, salt and trial dirt, it was off to Sam's Club and then Pismo's for lunch. They had breakfast after the race but the pancakes were awful. After one bit I had to throw them away. :-/

Biggest chicken sandwich I'd ever seen. I didn't even eat half of it. But it was really delicious ... it had arugula on it and cilantro aioli. I also got sweet potato fries for something different. They were hearty and delicious and didn't seem like they'd soaked up tons of oil.

No shower. No make-up. Bad, bad look but still a fun pic.
Then it was off to Steven's Bicycles in Fresno. I have been thinking about getting a cruiser on which to toodle around town. I saw a sweet hot pink Electra townie with lime green rims. But I'll have to think about it ...

Fun, fun day. Until next time ... be well.

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You don't look bad in the Burger Picture. Also that burger looks delicious.