Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fetzer 2012

It was another really nice day for running yesterday for the 2012 version of the Fetzer 20K. This year, there's a new race director (Jen Woodford, with me below) ...

and a new cause. Channel 1 food shelf. She did a great job and has plans to change things up in the future.

I met Tim ...

and Reggie ...

at 7:00 to go out and mark the course. I'd run just before leaving for the school and had just showered. So I went out on the gator with wet hair and wearing shorts (running, I'd been plenty warm). Well, it turned out to be a bit nippy and with the humidity, wind and extra wind created by riding in a vehicle with open sides, my hair was a DISASTER by the time we were done. TOTAL FRIZZ. Anyway, the Virginia bluebells and bloodroot were out in all their glory.

Beautiful morning for a run. Or working a water stop. In costume.

And having some fun with a train whistle.

There were lots of fast times run yesterday. Bill Nevala ran a 25 minute PR, and Joe Ryan ran a 20K PR (as well as back-to-back 10K PRs) and set an excellent pace.

Thanks to everyone that ran or volunteered!!

Jennifer & her son, Dan, Adam, Tom, Joe, Dawn, Tom

Ken and John

Alex and Joe

Shaun, Bill, Wendy, Jenny, Ann

Adam and Esme

Jill, Adam & Esme, Ann, Dave, Mike, Dan, Mike, Gwen

It's been all over Facebook, at least on my newsfeed, but it's going to be a very warm Boston Marathon tomorrow. They've got cautions and a deferment plan. It's tough running 26.2 miles in ideal marathon weather (which varies from person to person ... me, I like it about 30 degrees) but when the temps are forecast to top out at 88, that's brutal. Reminds me of Med-City one year, Twin Cities another, Grandma's yet another year, Illinois last year ... I've run more hot marathons that ideal ones. Hope everyone proceeds with caution tomorrow. Best of luck.

Well, it's been a long weekend of work. I'm ready for a day off. Wait ... tomorrow is Monday ...

Go. Be. Do.


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