Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another month has passed ...

... and I've failed to updated this blog. So sorry. I don't even know if anyone is reading it any more.

Early November: I ran marathon number 28. And it was yet another slow one. Two Cities in Fresno. They do a really nice job. Technical shirt (though not a finisher's shirt) and hat, finisher's medal (though it was the same medal for the half and full marathons and didn't have a date on it ... same medal as last year in fact), hoodie to half and full marathon finishers, and breakfast and ice cream sundaes at the finish. Hoping that CIM in Sacramento on 12/2 goes better for me.

Next up was a birthday party for Albert. A great group of people, the Visalia Runners. Happy to celebrate with Albert and friends. After dinner at Amigos, it was off to Casa Chaves where Ragan got just about everyone to dance. :-D
Mike and Albert
I made Walnut Bread for the November edition of Cooking Light, Visalia style. It's a great group of ladies. I so look forward to our get together every month. In November, Karen was hostess in her beautiful home.

Then I celebrated a birthday with 24 of my favorite people. :-) We dined at the new Bravo Farms in Visalia. It's not the same as the establishment in Tulare. I was expecting the usual colossal salad which is good for 3 meals. But it was fine. It was all about being with my friends, not the food.


Last weekend, I helped my friend Rosie make Walnut Bread. She's so sweet. And cute. :-) And she did GREAT!
While the bread was raising, we made a pecan pie for her husband Albert. I owed it to him. He was a volunteer extraordinaire at the Harvest Run back in October.
On Thanksgiving day, I helped serve the meal at the Visalia Rescue Mission. It's a humbling experience ... so many of the guests could contain their worldly goods in either a backpack or a shopping cart. It's so easy to have a pity party for oneself, but you don't have to look very far to see people much less fortunate. They all got a turkey dinner, a pair of socks, a bag of oranges and a donated (used) coat. The table hosts said a prayer before the guests ate. Very moving.
That brings you somewhat up to date. This week is a taper week, which my body feels like it needs. My mileage hasn't been that high, but I'm just perpetually tired. I've been napping every day. Hoping the forecasted storm passes through Sacramento before next Sunday. But, it's out of my control. All I can do is dress for the conditions. Next up after CIM, the Death Valley Marathon on 2/2.
Take care. Be well. Be thankful.


Suzanne LaPalm said...

I'm still reading, and still enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your picts; i think they are amazing. please keep posting! Happy New Year from MN.